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Taulman 3D T-Glase Clear PETT Filament - 1 Lb

Taulman 3D T-Glase Clear PETT Filament - 1 Lb

$ 30.00

t-glase (Tee-Glass) = t-glase was developed specifically by taulman3D to provide three major features to 3D Printing.  Low shrinkage, Higher strength than ABS and esthetics beyond ABS and PLA due to it's enhanced optical properties.
Potential uses:
As a replacement for any parts currently printed using ABS
   t-glase is 100% bonding layer to layer and parts will never "split" apart or "delaminate" even in very large prints.
Glass like qualities
  Light Pipe capable
  Glass clear when used with clear epoxies.
  Crystal like reflections of the surface.
  Red, Green, Blue and Black are translucent.
  Now in Opaque White for a white that has a super gloss surface.
"Non-shattering" parts upon over-stress

Architectural Components.
Gaming pc's
Light catching designs of any type.

Comes on an 8" spool

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