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Our focus is and always will be Quality and Customer Satisfaction. Top Quality 3D Filament is the key to Successful prints. The most expensive part of 3D printing is not the filament. It is the time lost when an 8 hour print fails at the seventh hour due to a filament that is over-sized, under-sized, or out of round.

When Monarch 3D Warehouse set out to fill the needs of the 3D printing community there were many questions. Who had the best flexible filament? What can I use to make high strength prints? Where can I find quality specialty filaments that are conductive, magnetic, etc.? Is there anyone taking environmental sustainability to the next level? The answers are found in our store. We have selected a portfolio of Top Quality filament manufacturers to meet all those needs and more.

We are an Authorized Reseller for 3D-Fuel, Functionalize, Microswiss, Ninjatek, Proto-Pasta, and Taulman3D

Monarch 3D Warehouse Uses only U.S.A. Manufacturers